Ann Bubis ProfileAnn’s Eel Pie Island Studio

Cross the arched footbridge that stretches over the River Thames to the private Eel Pie Island during one of the few open weekends held each year and you’ll find Ann’s colourful studio.

It is on this magical island at the edge of London with its working boatyard, rock-n’-roll history and tight-knit community that Ann thrives. It is here, surrounded by positive energy, that she brings together stories of the past to create practical mosaic furniture for collectors and art enthusiasts today.

The Creative Process

Her materials? Found furniture, revived. Pottery, plates, teapots and trinkets: lost or abandoned, re-loved and re-appreciated. Grout. A variety of stands for display – some formerly giant candlesticks, other disassembled Victorian tables. A creative mind.

Her inspiration? Long-standing folk traditions of reclaiming discarded fragments of belongings to build something new. A deep concern for the environment in our throwaway society. The importance of ancestral history that slowly slips away through generations. Our past, after all, is as important as our future and it often leads the way.

Time, in fact, is a common theme throughout much of Ann’s work. It’s a concept that she finds fascinating in its continuous cycle, a rhythm of past, present, future that never stands still. Some people have a strong sense of time, can tell the passing of minutes and hours; Ann is just the opposite. She rebels against its constraints and sense of control as she explores it creatively through her art. Interestingly, she spent her early years as Miss Tym (pronounced “time”), her maiden name.

And so she scours charity shops and auction houses to re-invigorate old memories, to build conversation pieces that give the past a place to thrive in the form of sculptural mosaic and found object-topped tables for use indoors. Many of these pieces include pieces and parts of old clocks and watches.

Among all of this, you will also find humour, positivity, individuality and a bit of eccentricity.

Ann values practicality and, while her work might appear impractical, she incorporates useful surfaces and ensures her mosaics are easy to clean.

Ann Bubis Studio on Eel Pie Island Ann’s Eel Pie Island studio

Ann’s Background

Ann has had a distinguished creative career, running a successful animation studio through which she won many awards for her work, culminating in two golds at the New York Film Festival. One of her sculptures has been displayed in the foyer of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum and she has shown her work in many exhibitions over the years. Ann is currently officially represented by Steidel Fine Art, Steidel contemporary and Art Productions New York City.

Furniture is a relatively new venture for Ann, and she still works in other mediums such as painting and sculpture which you can see in more detail on her other website,

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